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Warriors are those who struggle & sacrifice to serve something greater than themselves. In order to survive in these environments, it requires a warrior to disassociate from emotion to make logical decisions & to not be affected by the emotional debris.

Although this skill set is essential for success in building a successful career, developing your body or acquiring wealth it handicaps us in other areas of life.

You cannot create a thriving relationship with yourself, your spouse, children or family without emotional resiliency skills.

I support Warrior's who dominate in black & white unemotional parts of life navigate the messy grey areas of relationships & chaos.

Here is a list of symptoms that arise from not having emotional resilience skills that I help Warriors navigate;

  • Unhealthy communication with spouse

  • Unhealthy communication with children

  • Anger & frustration are your only emotions & they own you

  • Feedback from your spouse that you are emotionally shut down

  • Lack of empathy & compassion for others

  • Forgot who you are

  • Losing the meaning to life & having everything but feeling empty

  • Lack of emotional maturity & mastery

  • Addictions control you

  • Depression, anxiety or addictions control you (yes, this includes work as an addiction you workaholics)

  • Navigating family members with addictions

  • Navigating a relationship after an affair

  • Navigating grief, loss or trauma

  • Overcoming the loss or sale of a business

If any of this resonates with you or triggers, hit the apply button below to work with me, together we can help you move through...




(fiancé of retreat participant)

Matthew Kornberg

So often, women have opportunities to gather in sacred connection and retreat; however, it is rare that men have  a gathering place to call home, where they can be themselves -- vulnerable, wild, raw... warriors, lovers, magicians, kings. I had been watching my fiancé struggle through the throws of life alone, looking for sacred connection, looking for men to call brothers, but not certain where to find it. He hadn't grown up with it in Philadelphia and for all he knew, it didn't really exist. After attending Joshua's Emotional Resilience Training retreat, his life and perception of men in the world changed forever. What happened in the mountains of Idyllwild was magic. I know this not from the story of healing he shared upon his return, but because of the radiant energy that emerged when he arrived home. His eyes were soft and transparent, his body was thriving at a new frequency, his mind was clear and engaged. Our connection was magnetic and our love had grown stronger, in just three days. There was a laughter in his soul that I hadn't seen before and a sense of deep equanimity around past grief. The lines in his face and his hands had changed and when he looked at at me, I knew he really saw me. What has been most profound is his ability to handle incoming stress and reframe the intensity of emotion when challenges arise. He returned with a toolkit of strategies he could implement immediately which has helped foster a newfound sense of communication and understanding between us. Furthermore, he known that true 'brothers' exist and that indeed, there are men out there who seek connection, crave vulnerability, and demand to be seen for the beautiful creatures they are. Thank you, Joshua, for offering your work -- your gift -- to the world.

I connected with Joshua during a period of significant transition and immediately felt his empathy, kindness and intelligence. Additionally, I was drawn to Joshua's versatility and holistic approach to mental and emotional wellness as it relates to career, relationships and personal pleasure. As a society, and especially as men, we've been conditioned to do, feel and believe some pretty ridiculous things, so Joshua was exactly what I needed to transcend this broken system that is mostly yielding unhappy, unfulfilled and overall unfit boys instead of confident, powerful men. Working one-on-one with Joshua has helped me build a foundation in this new, more conscious and proactive approach to life. Like immersing in a new culture, Joshua has helped me learn a new language and mindset, emphasising feeling from my heart rather than only thinking from my head. In doing so, I now feel that I have significantly more confidence when making decisions which ultimately yields significantly better outcomes. I am now running my own company that is aligned with my passions, core beliefs and the legacy I hope to leave behind, and Joshua has been an integral part of getting me here. I am forever grateful for the relationship that we continue to build.