I’ve spent the last thirty years focused on competition, athletics & achievement to prove to the world I was enough. I thought that if I made enough money, or learned enough skills or knowledge, achieved enough or helped enough people then I would feel enough. Yet, moments of success were fleeting and I had recurring patterns of betrayal, self sabotage, addiction and always thought if I worked harder that I would find a way to break through.

In 2007, I had just started a company and my brother came to see me. He said he was using heroin and would die if he did not come live with me. I told him no because I was busy growing my company and he went back to Reno and died three days later. I used my achievement skills to hide behind being busy growing my company. As I built my company to 7 figures and felt I was finally reaching success, 2008 hit and everything came crashing down. My business partner ran off with my girlfriend and in one instance, I lost my business, my business partner/best friend, my girlfriend and money. I had enormous guilt and shame for choosing the business over my brother.

After countless ayahuasca, san pedro and private shaman forgiveness ceremonies to heal my own pain, I slowly began to find peace. I was then guided to work with Tony Robbins as a speaker and trainer studying NLP, hypnosis & timeline therapy as I gave over 1,000 trainings on peak performance to CEO’s, Fortune 500 companies, athletes & large and small businesses.

As I matured, I thought I was healed and I wanted to help others in ways that would matter. I started exploring the messy subject of grief & trauma through my docuseries, Grief to Grace where I interviewed 32 experts & survivors. One of my interviews shattered my way of thinking and I realized that I had not healed. Instead, there was grief and trauma stored in my cells for years that I had never felt or experienced. In having the courage to face myself & make peace with my past, I began to experience more peace and freedom than any achievement up to this point.

This healing I did with myself became the foundation to creating the Emotional Resilience Men’s Retreats. Through the ERT mens's retreats I taught men the archetypes but only scratched the surface. K4 was created with my ally Philip Folsom to empower men with the knowledge, community & roadmap to transform from Princes to Kings.  In addition, Philip & I currently lecture across the country training fire fighter departments, police departments, 1st responders, veterans, doctors, therapists and other professionals that deal with grief, loss & trauma through our brand Valor Warrior Resiliency Programs.

The work we do is real, it is deep and it is sacred. It will require the courage to face yourself and make peace with your past. This is the most loving, sacred gift you can ever give yourself, your family, your community or your lineage.

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