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Surviving to Thriving Relationship Course

In this virtual 90 day experience, men & women will learn the tools to thrive in relationship with themselves, others & their purpose. Time & date coming soon. Please RSVP to schedule a call to see if you are a good fit.
Surviving to Thriving Relationship Course

Time & Location

Time is TBD
Online Program

About the event

The most important skill to develop in having success in relationships is your ability to regulate your nervous system. Our brains & nervous systems have evolved to protect us from threats. With the current stressful envionrmnets we live in we are in a constant state of threat or (fight/flight/freeze/appease). Living in this place keeps us in a survivial state. \

In order to thrive in our relationship with ourselves, our familes, our intiiimate relationship & our purpose we need to be able to self regulate & move from a place of suriviving to thriving. This is a skill that can be learned & practiced. When implmented on a regulate basis we move into a place of thriving. 

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