Grief to Grace is a transformational film that explores how we can channel our grief in ways that allow us to grow, find meaning & give back. The energy of grief is immense; it has the power to destroy us or be transformed into something that gives life meaning.

After experiencing years of our own struggles with loss, Chris & I set out on a journey to discover what the heck grief is, how it affects us, what are the ways we can heal it, & what exactly does it mean to be resilient.

To begin with, we interviewed individuals who had dealt with the extreme loss but were now leading inspiring and fulfilling lives. We were interested in how they recovered and what it was that enabled them to get back on track with life. Secondly, we interviewed some of the world’s leading experts on grief & trauma; doctors,  psychologists & psychiatrists. We wanted to understand how exactly does grief affect us, why is it so misunderstood and ‘avoided’ by the majority of our culture, & what are the tools to ultimately heal it.

To our surprise the insights we discovered transformed the way we look and relate to our own pain, and ultimately shifted the way we see and relate to death. We want to share with you, the audience, the tools & insights we discovered that empowered us to bring new meaning and purpose to our greatest challenges.